Ideas to Help You Create a Fantastic Breakfast Nook

Dining rooms feel too fancy, and they are slowly going out of fashion. People are now looking to create smaller functional spaces to serve as breakfast nooks, which are approachable, comfortable, and conducive to intimate meals and conversations. Besides, a breakfast nook will save on your kitchen space. These ideas will help turn your breakfast nook into one of your favorite spots in the house.

Fake built-in seats

A classic built-in seat isn’t an option for breakfast nooks, so you’ll want to create an illusion of one. Place two long benches at 90 degrees and add a table and a few chairs. Just one bench and a table will work for small spots.

Use color to create cohesion

If furniture sets in your nook don’t seem to go together, use color to unite them. Vintage Windsor’s chairs with green cushions will appear in phase on a green bamboo wallpaper.

Play with patterns

Patterns come in handy in decorating small areas of a home. However, stick to just two or three colors and let loose everything.

Add in some color play

Given that kitchens do not always offer numerous color options, a breakfast nook, therefore, becomes the place to punch things up a bit. Choose one color and have it in different shades to create a cohesive look.

There are a million ways to decorate your living space and make it a paradise. A breakfast nook is one place you can unleash almost every decorating idea.

How To Create A Home Library?

People have developed a book reading culture over the years. This makes starting a home library a brilliant idea.


Learning continually is very helpful since one gets updated and gains new skills and information in the process. This could be best achieved if one has a home library. This article will expound on how to start a home library

Practices to adhere to when preparing to start a home library

There are some practices that you should take into account when you planning to start a home library. The first one is to look for a room that is secure and located away from noise and distractions. This type of positioning of the home library will make your function maximally. You should then check to ensure that the room has a functional lighting system to facilitate learning and your safety when you are operating in the room. You should also ensure that you have a proper seating arrangement and comfort since they are some of the major determiners of your concentration span.

Ideas on a home library storage system

A library can only be referred to as complete when it has a fully functional storage and retrieval system. Therefore, you should ensure that you get one of the best storage equipment for your new library. Most preferably, use equipment that allows you to keep your items on a display since it makes it easy to take inventory records and to retrieve an item when it is needed. You should use furniture like wall units and shelves to arrange your books on a display. You can also use shelf racks with A to Z shelf finders for your paperwork and files. You can find equipment of such quality from Tylko.

How to interior design your home library

Your comfort in the library determines your rate of understanding what you read. Interior design sets in to add to the comfort of your library hence making it a more favorable place to study in. You should use comfortable chairs like sofas and working desks that are tailored to your desired dimensions. You should also make sure that the room is warm enough. Tylko will be a good guide to you in this adventure. For more information read a guide to home libraries by Tylko.


In conclusion, you need to enhance your comfort in the home libraries to be more productive. Tylko will be your best guide.

Here Are Clever Ways to Store Your Shoes Effectively

Do you have too many shoes but lack space to organize them effectively? There are several solutions to help you store your shoes better. Apart from space, it would be best to get your shoes quickly whenever you need them. Having many shoe collections makes it very tricky to search on a large pile for your shoes.

It would be best if you organize every shoe you have well. Your house looks tidier, organized, and creates a sense of design when you have shoes put in the right place. The shoe collection can be overwhelming, more so when you have a large family. These tips will help to create a fantastic shoe storage solution as quickly as possible. Here are the ways to fight shoe clutter effectively.

Shoes on a Shelf

Your house shelf spaces can come in handy to keep your shoes effectively. It would help if you had shoe organizers where you place sorted shoes in them, then place them on your shelves. The organizers help your shoes avoid accumulating dust and make the boots visible when you need them. There are several stackable shoe bins and boxes that will help you save a lot of space.

Shoes under the Bed

When you have no more space in your closet, utilize the space under your bed to store shoes. All you need to get is an under-the-bed shoe organizer and place your shoes in them. The containers are made to slide easily from under the bed when you need them.

Vertical Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are one of the most common options for storing shoes for most people around the world. They come in various sizes that can carry more or fewer shoes according to the number of shoes you have. The racks can also be made of plastic or wood to provide a unique and aesthetic shoe storage solution to your house.

One of the most fantastic shoe rack options is available at Tylko. It is a leading interior design company that sells original and the perfect shoe rack to use in your home:

There are other walls hanging organizers that you can use to hang your shoes on walls and create enough space for you to use. The shoe organizers come in various sizes and colors such as white, green, pink, or blue. Also, you can customize the color that you may need for your room.


Shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe. It is necessary to have the right shoe arrangement to spot them quickly when you want to wear them. It will also look more appealing and make your room look tidy.