Ideas to Help You Create a Fantastic Breakfast Nook

Dining rooms feel too fancy, and they are slowly going out of fashion. People are now looking to create smaller functional spaces to serve as breakfast nooks, which are approachable, comfortable, and conducive to intimate meals and conversations. Besides, a breakfast nook will save on your kitchen space. These ideas will help turn your breakfast nook into one of your favorite spots in the house.

Fake built-in seats

A classic built-in seat isn’t an option for breakfast nooks, so you’ll want to create an illusion of one. Place two long benches at 90 degrees and add a table and a few chairs. Just one bench and a table will work for small spots.

Use color to create cohesion

If furniture sets in your nook don’t seem to go together, use color to unite them. Vintage Windsor’s chairs with green cushions will appear in phase on a green bamboo wallpaper.

Play with patterns

Patterns come in handy in decorating small areas of a home. However, stick to just two or three colors and let loose everything.

Add in some color play

Given that kitchens do not always offer numerous color options, a breakfast nook, therefore, becomes the place to punch things up a bit. Choose one color and have it in different shades to create a cohesive look.

There are a million ways to decorate your living space and make it a paradise. A breakfast nook is one place you can unleash almost every decorating idea.